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Track Stats : 2020 (As of 09/18/2020)

The following data is compiled from all weekly, non-sanctioned races run at this track.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow


Driver Count:61
Race Count:3
Average Car Count:30.7
Count of Drivers running every race:9
Count of Drivers running half of the races:22
Total Money paid out:$23,705

Drivers running at least half of the races (22)
#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Clinton Boyles3114.322$2,075
2Kevin Thomas Jr213.022$1,900
3Scotty Weir309.722$1,375
4Brian VanMeveren3012.301$705
5Thomas Meseraull3013.311$1,195
6Brayden Clark3020.001$350
7Zach Pretorius3020.001$445
8Anthony D'Alessio3021.700$390
9Aaron Davis3022.700$275
10Parker Frederickson3023.300$320
11Jarett Andretti207.002$675
12Matt Westfall208.002$575
13Cole Bodine208.511$890
14Sterling Cling2010.001$590
15Adam Byrkett2013.011$550
16Matt Goodnight2015.000$375
17Cole Ketcham2015.511$550
18Max Guilford2016.501$325
19Brandon Long2021.501$325
20Jack James2030.000$100
21David Hair2030.500$100
22Jamie Frederickson2034.000$100

Drivers NOT running at least half of the races (39)
#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Chris Windom111.011$1,400
2Brady Bacon102.011$875
3Jake Swanson102.011$875
4Shane Cottle103.011$700
5CJ Leary104.011$625
6Dave Darland106.001$400
7Charles Davis Jr107.001$325
8Travis Berryhill109.001$250
9Max Adams1010.001$230
10Korbyn Hayslett1010.001$230
11Mitchell Davis1011.000$220
12Aaron Farney1012.000$210
13Jackson Slone1012.000$210
14Tye Mihocko1013.000$200
15Anton Hernandez1013.000$200
16Austin Nigh1013.000$200
17Travis Hery1014.000$190
18Hunter O'Neal1015.000$180
19Isaac Chapple1015.000$180
20Justin Lewis1015.000$180
21Critter Malone1016.000$175
22Chase Jones1016.000$175
23Dustin Smith1017.000$170
24Ricky Lewis1019.000$160
25Shane Cockrum1020.000$155
26Justin Grant1021.000$155
27Lee Underwood1022.000$50
28Keith Martin1024.000$50
29Colten Cottle1025.000$50
30Cody White1027.000$50
31Aaron Leffel1027.000$50
32Chad Davenport1028.000$50
33Kurt Gross1030.000$50
34Brian Ruhlman1031.000$50
35Derek Crane1033.000$50
36Billy Cribbs1033.000$50
37Joey Parker1034.000$50
38Cooper Welch1035.000$50
39Damon Cooley1036.000$50