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Track Stats

The following data is compiled from all weekly, non-sanctioned races run at this track.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow


As of 05/21/2019
Driver Count:26
Race Count:2
Average Car Count:17.5
Count of Drivers running every race:9
Count of Drivers running half of the races:26
Total Money paid out:$16,175

#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Sye Lynch212.522$2,000
2Brandon Matus11111$1,300
3Ralph Spithaler20512$1,300
4Michael Bauer205.512$1,175
5AJ Flick20612$1,325
6Jim Morris III209.511$950
7Jack Sodeman Jr201011$1,200
8Bill Kiley201111$850
9Brandon Spithaler201100$600
10Chad Hill201601$475
11Carl Bowser10311$825
12Gary Kreiss10601$525
13Sadie Siegel10701$475
14Todd Burgard10801$400
15Dan Kuriger10801$400
16George Hobaugh10901$375
17Darren Pifer101001$325
18Clay Riney101200$275
19Jordan Harble101300$250
20Brent Matus101400$250
21Brandon Fredericks101600$200
22Jeremy Hill101900$200
23Leyton Wagner102000$200
24George Fredericks102100$100
25Alan Free102200$100
26Cody Swanson102400$100