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Track Stats

The following data is compiled from all weekly, non-sanctioned races run at this track.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow

Port Royal,PA

As of 05/21/2019
Driver Count:52
Race Count:6
Average Car Count:25.5
Count of Drivers running every race:10
Count of Drivers running half of the races:26
Total Money paid out:$113,450

#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Logan Wagner616.525$8,300
2Blane Heimbach617.224$7,900
3Dylan Cisney617.325$8,005
4Ryan Taylor6110.313$6,360
5Jeff Miller511411$5,040
6Danny Dietrich413.834$7,000
7AJ Flick6010.203$4,110
8Mike Wagner6010.713$4,385
9TJ Stutts6011.703$3,650
10Jared Esh6013.813$3,700
11Tyler Reeser6015.500$2,485
12Justin Whittall6021.501$1,725
13Lucas Wolfe50345$8,500
14Steve Buckwalter5012.423$3,875
15George Hobaugh5013.612$2,970
16Brock Zearfoss408.523$4,750
17Carl Bowser4018.801$1,650
18Nicole Bower4019.800$1,200
19Anthony Macri30333$4,700
20Ryan Smith30722$2,800
21Cory Haas30912$2,235
22Rick Lafferty301800$1,080
23John Garvin302100$1,050
24Tyler Bear3022.300$810
25Brent Shearer3022.700$800
26Cory Thornton302300$575
27Sye Lynch201400$960
28Adrian Shaffer2014.500$785
29Trenton Schaeffer201600$750
30Cole Duncan201700$950
31Jack Sodeman Jr201900$730
32Dustin Baney202000$700
33Kody Lehman2024.500$450
34Dale Blaney10211$2,000
35Cale Conley10511$1,100
36Cory Eliason10801$800
37Spencer Bayston10801$800
38Gerald McIntyre Jr101200$500
39Tony Stewart101300$410
40Jason Schultz101500$380
41Joey Hershey101500$380
42Gary Kreiss101900$350
43Ryan Linder102100$350
44Dallas Schott102100$350
45Brandon Matus102300$350
46Anthony Fiore102500$100
47Greg Plank102600$100
48TJ Dehaven102700$100
49Jim Shuster102700$100
50Brent Matus102700$100
51Mallie Shuster102800$100
52Max Stambaugh102900$100