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Track Stats

The following data is compiled from all weekly, non-sanctioned races run at this track.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow

River Cities,ND

Driver Count:30
Race Count:13
Average Car Count:18.8
Count of Drivers running every race:3
Count of Drivers running half of the races:19
Total Money paid out:$104,400

#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Austin Pierce1355.51010$10,650
2Mark Dobmeier843.477$7,700
3Jade Hastings1225.6811$7,450
4Wade Nygaard1114.51010$7,550
5Bob Martin1018.826$4,500
6Ty Hanten1308.1410$5,150
7Shane Roemeling13010.836$4,800
8Nick Omdahl1204.2912$7,150
9Jordan Adams1207.7211$4,700
10Tom Egeland12012.903$3,150
11Tanner Wisk12014.803$3,600
12Nick Ranten1109.436$4,350
13Jack Croaker11010.216$3,900
14Brendan Mullen1101105$3,350
15Blake Egeland11012.506$3,250
16Jordan Graham11012.703$3,100
17Chris Ranten100856$5,200
18Travis Strandell10014.301$3,000
19Brayden Pengilly7015.600$1,600
20Brenden Wilde601302$1,800
21Sabrina Hockenson6013.200$1,800
22Trevor Mell6014.202$1,950
23Rick Bates4016.300$1,200
24Presley Truedson4019.300$700
25Colton Young3014.300$900
26Casey Mack10511$500
27Blake Edwards10601$450
28Donovan Peterson10801$350
29Tee Young10901$300
30Thomas Kennedy101600$300