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Track Stats

The following data is compiled from all weekly, non-sanctioned races run at this track.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow

St Francois,MO

Driver Count:46
Race Count:13
Average Car Count:19.1
Count of Drivers running every race:4
Count of Drivers running half of the races:17
Total Money paid out:$106,410

#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Joey Montgomery1373.31112$15,325
2Joe B Miller421.844$4,700
3Timmy Montgomery1314.71012$10,275
4Tommy Worley Jr1316.1911$7,750
5Jacob Patton913.379$7,900
6Jimmy Bridgeman614.356$4,225
7Jeff Asher1309310$4,950
8Kevin Petty12011.804$3,260
9Chuck Walker11012.703$2,735
10Jeff Wurst10010.505$3,025
11Kasey Burch907.157$4,050
12Andy Bishop806.827$3,700
13Dusty Homan8013.402$1,810
14Butch Lyons8014.801$1,610
15Bobby Duncan8015.400$1,485
16Adam Carlyon8015.600$1,510
17Kaylon McEntire8015.900$1,675
18Dustin Barks7010.705$2,075
19Scottie Gretzmacher7011.114$2,650
20Kent Buckley50734$2,675
21Joey Boyd509.224$1,975
22Mason Campbell5012.800$1,250
23Danny Long5014.202$1,085
24Adam Parmeley5015.201$985
25Cody Penberthy5015.400$910
26Carl Finder5018.200$900
27Jason Keith4013.301$985
28Aidan Homan401800$800
29Kory Bales308.303$1,025
30Terry Babb3010.312$1,225
31Peter Palazzolo301201$725
32Colton Fisher301311$1,200
33Paul Hart3016.701$675
34Chris King201201$500
35Cory Bruns201600$500
36Carson Short10311$900
37Zach Daum10601$500
38Jimmy Hurley10601$425
39Steve Short10701$450
40Ayrton Gennetten10701$375
41Robbie Standridge10801$400
42Kyle Bellm101001$325
43Chad Blonde101100$300
44Brayton Lynch101300$210
45Kyle Stirts101900$200
46Tyler Settermoir102000$200