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Track Stats

The following data is compiled from all weekly, non-sanctioned races run at this track.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow

Williams Grove,PA

As of 05/21/2019
Driver Count:31
Race Count:3
Average Car Count:22.7
Count of Drivers running every race:16
Count of Drivers running half of the races:21
Total Money paid out:$53,945

#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Lucas Wolfe315.713$5,580
2Danny Dietrich316.722$6,480
3Lance DeWease211011$4,495
4Brian Montieth306.313$2,600
5TJ Stutts306.313$2,750
6Cory Haas30713$2,500
7Freddie Rahmer307.312$2,550
8Chad Trout30812$3,030
9Ryan Smith30912$2,310
10Anthony Macri3010.712$2,400
11Kyle Moody301201$1,440
12Steve Buckwalter3012.711$2,860
13Dylan Cisney301300$1,240
14Adrian Shaffer301400$1,205
15Rick Lafferty3014.701$1,335
16Robbie Kendall3017.311$1,915
17Kody Lehman3017.700$830
18Brock Zearfoss206.512$1,700
19Dale Blaney2014.511$1,415
20Spencer Bayston201500$800
21Brett Michalski201700$720
22Jason Schultz101100$480
23Justin Whittall101400$430
24Troy Fraker101500$420
25Mark Smith101800$400
26George Hobaugh101800$315
27Chase Dietz102000$400
28Rodney Westhafer102100$315
29Cole Duncan102200$400
30Shai Morris102200$315
31Kasey Kahne102300$315