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Wingless Race Ratings

The following are the race ratings that I have compiled. These ratings are based on ratings of drivers there, car count, purse, etc.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow

Race Ratings for races from 05/08/2019 to 05/10/2021
#RaceSeriesTrackDateWinnerCar CountStory
1Corn Belt NationalsUSAC,WARKnoxville,IASaturday, July 6, 2019Brady Bacon48BACON THE 20 GRAND MAN AT CORN BELT NATIONALS
2Corn Belt Nationals (with ISCL)USAC,WARKnoxville,IASaturday, July 11, 2020Brady Bacon48BACON REPEATS AS $20,000 CORN BELT NATIONALS CHAMPION
3Sprint Car SmackdownUSACKokomo,INSaturday, August 29, 2020Tyler Courtney36SMACKDOWN IX IS ALL SUNSHINE FOR A 3RD TIME
4USACLincoln Park,INSaturday, September 12, 2020Chase Stockon50WAIT NO MORE: STOCKON WINS AT LPS FOR FIRST OF 2020
5Sprint Car Smackdown Night 2USACKokomo,INFriday, August 28, 2020Kyle Cummins50CUMMINS CONNECTS AGAIN FOR 2ND STRAIGHT SMACKDOWN IX PRELIM WIN
6USACLincoln Park,INSaturday, September 12, 2020Brady Bacon48BACON BACK TO THE TOP OF THE POINTS WITH LPS TRIUMPH
7Sprint Car Smackdown Night 1USACKokomo,INThursday, August 27, 2020Kyle Cummins49CUMMINS CLUTCHES SMACKDOWN NIGHT #1 AT KOKOMO
8Bill Gardner SprintacularUSAC,MSCSLincoln Park,INSaturday, July 4, 2020Brady Bacon57BACON MAGNIFICENT IN SPRINTACULAR TRIUMPH AT LPS
9Indiana Sprint WeekUSACKokomo,INSaturday, July 25, 2020CJ Leary48LEARY BOUNCES BACK WITH VICTORY AT KOKOMO ISW ROUND #2
10Sprint Car SmackdownUSACKokomo,INSaturday, August 24, 2019Tyler Courtney31COURTNEY THE KING OF SMACKDOWN VIII AT KOKOMO
11Indiana Sprint WeekUSACGas City,INFriday, July 24, 2020Logan Seavey48SEAVEY LOGS GAS CITY ISW OPENER IN EPIC DUEL WITH THOMAS
12Corn Belt Nationals PrelimUSAC,WARKnoxville,IAFriday, July 5, 2019Brady Bacon51BACON CRISP ON NIGHT 1 OF THE CORN BELT NATIONALS
13Corn Belt Nationals Prelim (with ISCL)USAC,WARKnoxville,IAFriday, July 10, 2020Tyler Courtney53COURTNEY CINCHES CORN BELT NATIONALS OPENER AT KNOXVILLE
14Indiana Sprint WeekUSACGas City,INThursday, July 18, 2019Shane Cottle43COTTLE RACES TO FIRST ISW WIN IN GAS CITY PHOTO FINISH
15Oval Nationals (with USACSW)USAC,USAC/CRAPerris,CASaturday, November 9, 2019CJ Leary37LEARY LANDS OVAL NATIONALS VICTORY AT PERRIS
16Larry Rice ClassicUSACBloomington,INFriday, April 16, 2021Kevin Thomas Jr43KTJ THROWS CHANGE-UP TO WIN BLOOMINGTON’S LARRY RICE CLASSIC
18Indiana Sprint WeekUSACLincoln Park,INThursday, July 25, 2019Kyle Cummins40CUMMINS LIGHTS OUT AT PUTNAMVILLE ISW ROUND 6
19Indiana Sprint Week Sheldon Kinser MemorialUSACBloomington,INFriday, July 26, 2019Kevin Thomas Jr41KEVIN THOMAS, JR.’S LAST LAP HEROCS GET IT DONE AT BLOOMINGTON
20Indiana Sprint WeekUSACKokomo,INSaturday, July 20, 2019Chris Windom40WINDOM REIGNS AT KOKOMO FOR FIRST ISW WIN IN 8 YEARS
21Indiana Sprint WeekUSACLawrenceburg,INSunday, July 26, 2020CJ Leary4330 FOR 30: LEARY LEADS ALL AT THE BURG FOR 2ND STRAIGHT ISW WIN
22USACKokomo,INSaturday, September 26, 2020Tyler Courtney42COURTNEY CORRALS KOKOMO’S DOUBLE DOUBLE SPRINT WIN
23Bill Gardner SprintacularUSAC,MSCSLincoln Park,INFriday, July 3, 2020Shane Cottle51COTTLE THROTTLES TO BILL GARDNER SPRINTACULAR WIN AT LPS
24Winter Dirt GamesUSACBubba,FLThursday, February 11, 2021Kevin Thomas Jr45KTJ GETS OFF THE SCHNEID WITH SEASON OPENING USAC SPRINT WIN AT OCALA
25Winter Dirt GamesUSACBubba,FLFriday, February 12, 2021Justin Grant45GRANT GRABS USAC SPRINT SCORE AT OCALA
26Indiana Sprint WeekUSACPlymouth,INFriday, July 19, 2019Tyler Courtney38COURTNEY GETS BACK ON TRACK AT PLYMOUTH
27Indiana Sprint Week Don Smith ClassicUSACTerre Haute,INWednesday, July 29, 2020Justin Grant42GRANT’S LAST STAND NETS FINAL LAP VICTORY AT TERRE HAUTE
28James Dean ClassicUSACGas City,INFriday, September 25, 2020Justin Grant43JUSTIN IS GRANTED THE WIN AFTER LEARY’S DQ
29Sprint Car Smackdown Night 2USACKokomo,INFriday, August 23, 2019Logan Seavey38SEAVEY SINGS A WINNING TUNE AT SMACKDOWN NIGHT TWO
31USACFederated Auto Parts I-55,MOSunday, June 7, 2020Justin Grant42DÉJÀ VU: GRANT COMPLETES WEEKEND SWEEP WITH I-55 WIN
32Indiana Sprint WeekUSACTri-State,INSaturday, July 27, 2019Kyle Cummins40CUMMINS COLLECTS TRI-STATE FINALE; LEARY THE ISW CHAMP
33Oval Nationals Night 1 (with USACSW)USAC,USAC/CRAPerris,CAThursday, November 7, 2019Brady Bacon42PERRIS ELUSIVE NO MORE FOR BACON AT OVAL NATS NIGHT #1
34Sprint Car Smackdown Night 1USACKokomo,INThursday, August 22, 2019Thomas Meseraull36T-MEZ TURNS IT UP AT SMACKDOWN VIII OPENER
36#GYATK NightUSACKokomo,INWednesday, August 21, 2019Justin Grant50GRANT GASSES TO #GYATK NIGHT TRIUMPH
37Indiana Sprint WeekUSACTri-State,INSunday, August 2, 2020Kyle Cummins42CUMMINS COLLECTS TRI-STATE FINALE; STOCKON SEALS ISW TITLE
38Oval Nationals Night 2 (with USACSW)USAC,USAC/CRAPerris,CAFriday, November 8, 2019Brady Bacon41BACK-TO-BACK BACON DOES IT AGAIN AT PERRIS
39Haubstadt HustlerUSAC,MSCSTri-State,INSaturday, September 19, 2020Chase Stockon31RUBLE DQ’D FROM HAUBSTADT HUSTLER; STOCKON DECLARED WINNER
40#LetsRaceTwo Don Branson/Jud Larson ClassicUSACEldora,OHFriday, May 10, 2019Tyler Courtney37CONVINCING COURTNEY CRUSHES ELDORA FIELD
42Spring ShowdownUSAC,MSCSTri-State,INSaturday, April 17, 2021Kyle Cummins35CUMMINS SPRINGS FORWARD LATE TO WIN SHOWDOWN AT TRI-STATE
43Haubstadt HustlerUSAC,MSCSTri-State,INSaturday, September 14, 2019Kyle Cummins31IMMACULATE CUMMINS TAKES HAUBSTADT HUSTLER
44Indiana Sprint WeekUSACLawrenceburg,INSunday, July 21, 2019Justin Grant30GRANT GLIDES TO ISW GLORY AT THE BURG
45USACLawrenceburg,INSaturday, April 3, 2021Brady Bacon31BACON WRAPS THE BURG WITH DOMINANT PERFORMANCE
464-Crown NationalsUSACEldora,OHSaturday, September 28, 2019Tyler Courtney35SUNSHINE SCORES RECORD 4TH STRAIGHT ELDORA SPRINT WIN
47Jesse Hockett/Daniel McMillin MemorialWARLucas Oil,MOSaturday, September 21, 2019Chris Windom61WINDOM WINS HOCKETT/MCMILLIN MEMORIAL CROWN
48Indiana Sprint Week Don Smith ClassicUSACTerre Haute,INWednesday, July 24, 2019Tyler Courtney32SUNSHINE SWEEPS TERRE HAUTE ISW ROUND 5
49Oval NationalsUSAC,USAC/CRAPerris,CATuesday, November 12, 2019Damion Gardner40Damion Gardner wins USAC/USAC-CRA at Perris
50Western World Championships (with USACSW)USAC,USAC/CRAArizona,AZFriday, November 15, 2019Tyler Courtney35SUNSHINE SURVIVES AND THRIVES IN WESTERN WORLD SPRINT OPENER
51Jim Hurtubise ClassicUSACTerre Haute,INFriday, September 18, 2020Chris Windom32WINDOM BECOMES FIRST 4-TIME HURTUBISE CLASSIC VICTOR AT TERRE HAUTE
52#LetsRaceTwoUSACEldora,OHWednesday, July 17, 2019Tyler Courtney28SUNSHINE SCOOPS $10 GRAND IN ELDORA’S 200TH USAC SPRINT RACE
53Western World Championships (with USACSW)USAC,USAC/CRAArizona,AZSaturday, November 16, 2019Tyler Courtney32COURTNEY SPRINTS TO BACK-TO-BACK WESTERN WORLD WINS
54Fall NationalsUSACLawrenceburg,INSaturday, October 5, 2019Kevin Thomas Jr26KTJ’S LOVIN’ IT AT LAWRENCEBURG'S FALL NATIONALS
55Winter Dirt GamesUSACBubba,FLFriday, February 14, 2020Brady Bacon30BACON BOLTS TO VALENTINE’S VICTORY AT OCALA
56James Dean ClassicUSACGas City,INThursday, September 26, 2019Chris Windom28WINDOM A GAS CITY GIANT AT JAMES DEAN CLASSIC
57Winter Dirt GamesUSACBubba,FLSaturday, February 15, 2020Brady Bacon29BACON DOUBLES UP WITH SECOND STRAIGHT OCALA SCORE
59No Way Out 40Brownstown,INSaturday, March 27, 2021Kevin Thomas Jr30Kevin Thomas Jr. Records Second "No Way Out 40"
60Tony Hulman ClassicUSACTerre Haute,INWednesday, July 1, 2020Chris Windom28WINDOM GUNS IT FOR 2ND CAREER HULMAN CLASSIC TRIUMPH
61MSCSLincoln Park,INSaturday, May 25, 2019Kevin Thomas Jr40THOMAS JR. TOPS AT LINCOLN PARK SPEEDWAY
62Lincoln Park,INThursday, June 18, 2020AJ Hopkins47AJ Hopkins wins Lincoln Park
63Jerry Gappens Sr MemorialGas City,INFriday, June 21, 2019Thomas Meseraull40Meseraull Tops 39 Other Sprint Car Drivers To Win Jerry Gappens Sr. Memorial Feature At Gas City I-69 Speedway Friday
64Eastern StormUSACPort Royal,PASaturday, June 15, 2019Tyler Courtney22COURTNEY RULES PORT ROYAL EASTERN STORM ROUND
65The Return to PuntamvilleMSCSLincoln Park,INSaturday, August 22, 2020Kevin Thomas Jr41Kevin Thomas Jr wins MSCS at Lincoln Park
66Jim Hurtubise ClassicUSACTerre Haute,INFriday, September 13, 2019Justin Grant27GRANT GAINS THE UPPER HAND AT HURTUBISE CLASSIC
67Eastern Storm Jesse Hockett ClassicUSACGrandview,PATuesday, June 11, 2019Brady Bacon25BACON GETS $10K GRANDVIEW TRIFECTA IN EASTERN STORM OPENER
68Jesse Hockett/Daniel McMillin MemorialWARLucas Oil,MOThursday, September 17, 2020Mario Clouser64Mario Clouser Maneuvers to Night One Victory at the 10th Annual Hockett/McMillin Memorial
69Jesse Hockett/Daniel McMillin MemorialWARLucas Oil,MOSaturday, September 19, 2020Garrett Aitken56Garrett Aitken Wins POWRi WAR Tenth Annual Jesse Hockett Daniel McMillin Memorial Finale
70Kokomo,INSunday, June 21, 2020Chris Windom38Chris Windom wins Kokomo
71Lawrenceburg,INSaturday, June 20, 2020Chris Windom39Chris Windom wins Lawrenceburg
72Lincoln Park,INFriday, June 19, 2020Brady Bacon39Brady Bacon wins Lincoln Park
73Keystone InvasionUSACGrandview,PAThursday, April 22, 2021Brady Bacon25BACON BANKS 4TH STRAIGHT GRANDVIEW USAC SPRINT SCORE
74Keystone InvasionUSACPath Valley,PASunday, April 25, 2021Tanner Thorson242 OUT OF 3 AIN’T BAD: THORSON WINS PATH VALLEY KEYSTONE INVASION FINALE
75Keystone InvasionUSACBig Diamond,PAFriday, April 23, 2021Tanner Thorson26THORSON SHINES AT BIG DIAMOND FOR FIRST USAC SPRINT WIN
76Josh Burton MemorialMSCSBloomington,INFriday, September 4, 2020Chase Stockon34Stockon wins at Bloomington
77Jesse Hockett/Daniel McMillin MemorialWARLucas Oil,MOFriday, September 18, 2020Mario Clouser59Mario Clouser Goes Back-to-Back in Victories at Lucas Oil Speedway
78MSCSParagon,INThursday, July 4, 2019AJ Hopkins33AJ Hopkins wins at Paragon on Independence Day
79Harvest CupMSCSTri-State,INSaturday, October 19, 2019Kyle Cummins32Cummins Swept 2019
80Fall Fling Kokomo,INSaturday, October 24, 2020Tyler Courtney34Tyler Courtney wins Kokomo
81Josh Burton MemorialMSCSBloomington,INFriday, May 24, 2019Robert Ballou29BALLOU FIRST AT THE 2019 JOSH BURTON MEMORIAL
82USACPlymouth,INFriday, June 26, 2020Justin Grant26RED HOT GRANT GRABS 3RD WIN IN LAST 4 AT PLYMOUTH
83MSCSTerre Haute,INSunday, August 16, 2020Chris Windom28Chris Windom wins MSCS at Terre Haute
84Dale Korporal's Candyman Classic Feature 1Gas City,INFriday, August 21, 2020Brady Bacon35Bacon Wins Twin Sprint Features
85Dale Korporal's Candyman Classic Feature 2Gas City,INFriday, August 21, 2020Brady Bacon35Bacon Wins Twin Sprint Features
86Eastern StormUSACBridgeport,NJWednesday, June 12, 2019Jason McDougal22McDOUGAL CROSSES BRIDGEPORT OFF EASTERN STORM CHECKLIST
87Harvest CupMSCSTri-State,INSaturday, October 10, 2020Kyle Cummins30Kyle Cummins wins MSCS at Tri-State
88Season OpenerGas City,INWednesday, June 17, 2020Justin Grant40Justin Grant wins Gas City
89Bill Gardner Sprintacular Night #2MSCSLincoln Park,INSaturday, August 17, 2019Brent Beauchamp34Beauchamp wins at Lincoln Park Speedway
90Bill Gardner SprintacularMSCSLincoln Park,INFriday, July 5, 2019Kyle Cummins37DAY ONE TO CUMMINS
91Western World ChampionshipsUSAC/CRA,USACSWArizona,AZFriday, November 13, 2020Justin Grant34GRANT GRABS WESTERN WORLD SPRINT PRELIM
92Season OpenerParagon,INTuesday, June 16, 2020AJ Hopkins44AJ Hopkins wins Paragon
94Fall Festival of SpeedGas City,INFriday, October 2, 2020Dave Darland40Darland Wins Sprint Feature; Adams Nabs Title
95Gas City,INFriday, July 17, 2020Matt Westfall36Westfall Wins During ‘Beach Night Bash’ Friday at Gas City I-69 Speedway
96North-South Mason Dixon ChallengeBOSS,SESCMountain View,TNSaturday, October 17, 2020Anthony Nicholson32Anthony Nicholson wins BOSS/SESC at Mountain View
97WAR,ISCLLee County,IAFriday, June 5, 2020Chris Windom30Chris Windom Rides the High-Side to POWRi WAR/IOWA Feature Win
98Western World ChampionshipsUSAC/CRA,USACSWArizona,AZSaturday, November 14, 2020Tyler Courtney31COURTNEY COLLECTS 3RD STRAIGHT WESTERN WORLD SPRINT CROWN
99Tony Hulman ClassicUSACTerre Haute,INWednesday, May 22, 2019Chase Stockon20STOCKON FINALLY HOLDS THE RIFLE; WINS TONY HULMAN CLASSIC
101Lincoln Park,INSaturday, April 17, 2021AJ Hopkins40AJ Hopkins wins Lincoln Park
102Putnamville ClashLincoln Park,INSaturday, July 13, 2019Shane Cottle33Shane Cottle wins at Lincoln Park
103Hoosier Sprint NationalsMSCSTri-State,INSaturday, August 15, 2020Kyle Cummins25Kyle Cummins wins MSCS at Tri-State
104Mid-State Open Wheel NationalsWARValley,MOSaturday, May 23, 2020Mario Clouser40Clouser Captures Checkers in Instant Mid-State Open-Wheel Nationals Classic
105Lincoln Park,INSaturday, July 18, 2020Kevin Thomas Jr41Kevin Thomas Jr wins Lincoln Park
106Kokomo KlashKokomo,INFriday, October 16, 2020Clinton Boyles34Clinton Boyles wins Kokomo
107Kokomo Grand PrixKokomo,INFriday, April 30, 2021Brady Bacon29Brady Bacon wins Kokomo
108North-South Mason Dixon ChallengeBOSS,SESCMountain View,TNFriday, October 16, 2020Steven Drevicki33Steven Drevicki wins BOSS/SESC at Mountain View
109King of Non-Wing SprintsLincoln Park,INSaturday, August 31, 2019Shane Cockrum40Shane Cockrum wins Lincoln Park
110Ultimate ChallengeWARSouthern Iowa,IATuesday, August 6, 2019Brady Bacon28Brady Bacon Steals the Show in Sage Fruit Ultimate Challenge presented by Searsboro Telephone Company
111MSCSTerre Haute,INSunday, August 11, 2019Chris Windom25Windom best at Terre Haute
113BOSSLawrenceburg,INSaturday, May 18, 2019Nick Bilbee37Bilbee wins Thrilling BOSS Feature!
114MSCSParagon,INFriday, August 16, 2019Kyle Cummins20Kyle Cummins wins MSCS at Paragon
115MSCSTerre Haute,INSunday, May 2, 2021Kyle Cummins27Kyle Cummins wins MSCS at Terre Haute
116Bob Darland MemorialKokomo,INSunday, June 23, 2019Robert Ballou21Robert Ballou wins Kokomo
117Season OpenerParagon,INFriday, May 10, 2019AJ Hopkins52AJ Hopkins wins Paragon
118MSCSBrownstown,INSaturday, June 29, 2019Kyle Cummins30Cummons Collects His Fouth MSCS Victory This Season
119Open Wheel ShowdownWARLucas Oil,MOSaturday, April 24, 2021Wesley Smith35Wesley Smith Shines in Open Wheel Showdown at Lucas Oil Speedway with POWRi WAR
120Kokomo Klash XIIIKokomo,INFriday, October 18, 2019Justin Grant31Justin Grant wins Kokomo
121Hoosier Sprint NationalsMSCSTri-State,INSaturday, August 10, 2019Kyle Cummins26Cummins claims Hoosier Sprint Nationals
122Gas City,INFriday, May 17, 2019Thomas Meseraull30Meseraull Tops Sprint Car Feature In ‘Open-Wheel Madness’ Show Friday At Gas City I-69 Speedway
123Bob Kinser MemorialBloomington,INFriday, August 30, 2019Jordan Kinser30Jordan Kinser wins Bob Kinser Memorial at Bloomington
124Lincoln Park,INSaturday, August 8, 2020Jadon Rogers40Jadon Rogers wins Lincoln Park
126MSCSTri-State,INSunday, July 5, 2020Kyle Cummins26Kyle Cummins wins MSCS at Tri-State
127WAR Non-Wing NationalsWARLake Ozark,MOSaturday, August 17, 2019Kory Schudy27SCHUDY STRONGER THAN ALL IN NON-WING NATIONALS FINALE
128Mid-State Open Wheel NationalsWARValley,MOSunday, May 24, 2020Shane Cottle31Shane Cottle Victorious in POWRi WAR with Last Lap Pass
129Jack Hewitt ClassicBOSSWaynesfield,OHWednesday, July 3, 2019Cody Gardner32Cody Gardner wins BOSS at Waynesfield
130Lincoln Park,INSaturday, August 15, 2020Shane Cockrum41Shane Cockrum wins Lincoln Park
131Jesse Hockett/Daniel McMillin Memorial PrelimWARLucas Oil,MOThursday, September 19, 2019Zach Daum29DAUM DRIVES TO VICTORY IN HOCKETT/MCMILLIN MEMORIAL OPENER
132Gas City,INFriday, June 28, 2019Shane Cottle27Shane Cottle wins Gas City
133Gas City,INFriday, August 14, 2020Thomas Meseraull34Meseraull Wins ‘Mid-Summer Showdown’ Features Friday at Gas City I-69 Speedway
134Lawrenceburg,INSaturday, September 14, 2019Dave Darland33Darland Wins Feature in Surprise Win!
135Gas City,INFriday, July 12, 2019Thomas Meseraull27Meseraull Wins Sprint Feature
136Lincoln Park,INSaturday, June 1, 2019Shane Cockrum31Shane Cockrum wins Lincoln Park
137WARTri-City,ILFriday, June 28, 2019Korey Weyant32WEYANT WIRES TRI-CITY DEBUT FOR 14TH-CAREER WAR WIN
138Gas City,INFriday, September 13, 2019Matt Westfall30Westfall Takes Sprint Feature
139CA Sprint Week Louie Vermeil ClassicUSAC/CRACalistoga,CASunday, September 1, 2019Jake Swanson24JAKE SWANSON REBOUNDS AT CALISTOGA
140WARValley,MOSunday, April 25, 2021Anthony Nicholson27Anthony Nicholson Earns Valley Speedway Victory with POWRi WAR
141King of Non WingLincoln Park,INSaturday, September 5, 2020AJ Hopkins39AJ Hopkins wins Lincoln Park
142Lincoln Park,INSaturday, June 20, 2020Brent Beauchamp41Brent Beauchamp wins Lincoln Park
143WARLake Ozark,MOFriday, August 16, 2019Wesley Smith29SMITH RUNS AWAY WITH NIGHT ONE OF NON-WING NATIONALS
144Lincoln Park,INSaturday, June 8, 2019Shane Cockrum32Shane Cockrum wins Lincoln Park
145Lincoln Park,INSaturday, August 3, 2019Mario Clouser32Mario Clouser wins Lincoln Park
146Kokomo KlassicKokomo,INSunday, June 2, 2019Justin Grant23Justin Grant wins Kokomo
147Gas City,INFriday, September 6, 2019Shane Cockrum33Cockrum Tops ‘Friday Night Fury’ Show at Gas City
148BOSSKokomo,INSaturday, August 24, 2019Matt Westfall42Westfall Leads Cavalry Charge From 14th to 1st
149California Racer’s Hall of Fame NightUSAC/CRA,USACSWPerris,CASaturday, August 17, 2019Jake Swanson30JAKE SWANSON SLICES HIS WAY TO FIRST PERRIS WIN
150Lincoln Park,INSaturday, June 29, 2019Travis Berryhill31Travis Berryhill wins Lincoln Park
151Gas City,INFriday, September 11, 2020Clinton Boyles31Boyles Wins Sprint Feature
152Paragon,INThursday, July 2, 2020Dakota Jackson42Dakota Jackson wins Paragon
153Kokomo,INFriday, July 3, 2020Clinton Boyles36Clinton Boyles wins Kokomo
154Chuck Amati ClassicParagon,INFriday, September 13, 2019Jordan Kinser28Jordan Kinser wins Paragon
155Jesse Hockett/Daniel McMillin Memorial PrelimWARLucas Oil,MOFriday, September 20, 2019Brady Bacon32BACON BAGS LATE-RACE WIN ON NIGHT TWO AT HOCKETT/MCMILLIN MEMORIAL
157Kokomo,INFriday, April 9, 2021Matt Westfall26Matt Westfall wins Kokomo
158Sprint Car SmackdownBOSSKokomo,INSaturday, August 29, 2020Matt Westfall39Westfall Repeats in BOSS at Kokomo Smackdown
159Gas City,INFriday, July 10, 2020Thomas Meseraull30Former Track Champs Capitalize on Opportunity To Earn Double Points Friday At Gas City I-69 Speedway
160Lincoln Park,INSaturday, May 1, 2021AJ Hopkins33AJ Hopkins wins Lincoln Park
161WARLake Ozark,MOSunday, September 6, 2020Zach Daum30Daum Dazzles in POWRi Lake Ozark Speedway Non-Wing Nationals Finale
162Bloomington,INFriday, April 23, 2021Max Adams26Max Adams wins Bloomington
163Gas City,INFriday, May 31, 2019Thomas Meseraull24Meseraull Wins Third Straight
164Season OpenerGas City,INFriday, May 7, 2021Thomas Meseraull23Results: Thomas Meseraull wins Gas City
165WARLake Ozark,MOSaturday, September 5, 2020Brady Bacon33Brady Bacon Owns Night One of the Second Annual Lake Ozark Non-Wing Nationals
166WARI-70,MOFriday, April 30, 2021Wesley Smith24Wesley Smith Captures POWRi WAR I-70 Innovational Opening Night Victory
167Lincoln Park,INSaturday, September 19, 2020Shane Cockrum34Shane Cockrum wins Lincoln Park
168Bob Kinser MemorialBloomington,INFriday, September 25, 2020Jordan Kinser23Jordan Kinser wins Bloomington
169Gas City,INWednesday, June 5, 2019Kevin Thomas Jr25Kevin Thomas Jr wins Gas City
170Spring NationalsWARLake Ozark,MOSaturday, April 3, 2021Mario Clouser22Clouser Wins POWRi WAR LOS Non-Wing Nationals Championship Night
171Lincoln Park,INSaturday, September 7, 2019Shane Cockrum33Shane Cockrum wins Lincoln Park
172WARLake Ozark,MOSaturday, June 8, 2019Wyatt Burks24BURKS BANKS DOMINATING LAKE OZARK VICTORY
173Salute to IndyUSAC/CRAPerris,CASaturday, May 25, 2019Hunter Schuerenberg25HUNTER SCHUERENBERG ADDS PERRIS SALUTE TO INDY TO WIN LIST
174Lincoln Park,INSaturday, August 10, 2019Shane Cockrum30Shane Cockrum wins Lincoln Park
175MSCSTri-State,INSunday, September 1, 2019Kyle Cummins24Cummins Wins at the Class Track
176WARCharleston,ILFriday, June 26, 2020Riley Kreisel30Charleston Can’t Contain Kreisel, Making Three Straight Wins with POWRi WAR
177Lincoln Park,INSaturday, October 3, 2020AJ Hopkins41AJ Hopkins wins Lincoln Park
178Let's Go 30BOSSWaynesfield,OHSaturday, March 27, 2021Drew Rader32Rader Raids BOSS to Claim the Let's Go 30
179Paragon,INFriday, September 18, 2020AJ Hopkins42AJ Hopkins wins Paragon
180Spring NationalsWARLake Ozark,MOFriday, April 2, 2021Wesley Smith22Wesley Smith Claims Night One of the POWRi WAR LOS Non-Wing Nationals
181Bob Hampshire ClassicBOSSWaynesfield,OHSaturday, October 12, 2019Cody Gardner34Gardner scores 2nd straight BOSS victory
182BOSSFremont,OHSaturday, July 13, 2019Matt Westfall30Matt Westfall wins BOSS at Fremont
183Paragon,INFriday, July 24, 2020Koby Barksdale48Koby Barksdale wins Paragon
184WARSpoon River,ILSaturday, June 29, 2019Anthony Nicholson27NICHOLSON NABS WAR WIN AT SPOON RIVER FROM 11TH
185Paragon,INFriday, August 23, 2019Bill Rose31Bill Rose wins Paragon
186Kokomo Grand PrixKokomo,INSaturday, May 1, 2021Kyle Cummins20Kyle Cummins wins Kokomo
187Lincoln Park,INSaturday, April 10, 2021AJ Hopkins23AJ Hopkins wins Lincoln Park
188USAC/CRA,USACSWPerris,CASaturday, July 13, 2019Damion Gardner25THE DEMON STRIKES AT PERRIS
189Paragon,INFriday, June 14, 2019Travis Berryhill47Travis Berryhill wins Paragon
190Lawrenceburg,INSaturday, August 8, 2020Nick Bilbee27Bilbee Continues His Dominance in Sprint Car Feature!
191WARBelle-Clair,ILFriday, July 26, 2019Riley Kreisel23KREISEL CRUISES TO LIL’ BELLEVILLE GLORY
192Dick Gaines Memorial RaceLawrenceburg,INSaturday, August 17, 2019Nick Bilbee24Bilbee wins Gaines Memorial!
193Jerry Gappens Sr. MemorialGas City,INFriday, June 26, 2020Shane Cockrum28Cockrum, McKenzie, Bishop, Headley and Naida Are Big Winners of ‘Jerry Gappens Sr. Memorial’ Friday at Gas City I-69 Speedway
194Lincoln Park,INSaturday, May 18, 2019AJ Hopkins26AJ Hopkins wins Lincoln Park
195BOSSGas City,INFriday, August 9, 2019Tyler Hewitt28Hewitt Wins ‘Beach Night Bash’ BOSS Sprint Feature In Thriller at Gas City I-69 Speedway Friday Night
196Paragon,INFriday, June 28, 2019Jadon Rogers41Jadon Rogers wins Paragon
197BOSSAtomic,OHSaturday, July 4, 2020Ricky Peterson26Peterson Claims First MPD Racing BOSS Victory at Atomic Speedway
198Rumble at the FairMSCSTerre Haute,INWednesday, July 10, 2019Nick Bilbee17BILBEE TOPS THE RUMBLE AT THE FAIR
199Lincoln Park,INSaturday, August 29, 2020Brent Beauchamp29Brent Beauchamp wins Lincoln Park
200Fall Festival of SpeedGas City,INSaturday, October 5, 2019Tyler Hewitt30Hewitt Beats Cockrum in Non-Wing Sprint Feature To Highlight the First Night of Gas City’s ‘Fall Festival of Speed’ Saturday Night