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Track Stats : 2022 Wing 410 (As of 05/18/2022)

The following data is compiled from all races run at this track.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow


Driver Count:30
Race Count:2
Average Car Count:20
Count of Drivers running every race:10
Count of Drivers running half of the races:30
Total Money paid out:$17,790

Drivers running at least half of the races (30)
#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Max Stambaugh211.522$2,500
2Ricky Peterson111.011$1,500
3Zane DeVault203.022$1,675
4Tylar Rankin204.512$1,325
5Mark Aldrich208.002$800
6Zac Broughman2010.011$895
7Andy Chehowski2011.000$600
8Jason Blonde2012.001$655
9Logan Easterday2012.001$560
10Josh Turner2012.500$525
11Troy Chehowski2015.500$475
12Cole Macedo103.011$825
13Corbin Gurley105.011$550
14Keith Sheffer Jr105.011$550
15Russel Borland106.001$500
16Ryan Ruhl107.001$440
17Dain Naida109.001$360
18Alex Aldrich109.001$360
19Larry Kingseed Jr1010.001$325
20Chris Jones1013.000$250
21Quentin Blonde1014.000$235
22Kyle Locke1015.000$225
23Trey McGranahan1015.000$225
24Jeremy Luther1016.000$220
25Danny Sams1017.000$215
26Marques Huffer1018.000$200
27Michael Schumacher1018.000$200
28AJ Aldrich1019.000$200
29Sean Rayhall1020.000$200
30Mike Kane1020.000$200

Drivers NOT running at least half of the races (0)
#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money