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2023 Late Model Schedule

Note: Contains only World Of Oulaws, Lucas Oil, XR Super Series, and other 15K+ to win races. Schedules are subject to change, this list might not be complete, or incorrect due to changes or cancellations. Pleace contact the track for verification.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow

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Count: 148
Monday, January 30, 2023LOLMBubba,FLFloRacingWinter Nationals 10k to win
Friday, February 3, 2023LOLMAll-Tech,FLFloRacingWinter Nationals 12k to win
Saturday, February 4, 2023LOLMAll-Tech,FLFloRacingWinter Nationals 15k to win
Monday, February 6, 2023LOLMEast Bay,FLFloRacingWinter Nationals 5k to win
Tuesday, February 7, 2023LOLMEast Bay,FLFloRacingWinter Nationals 5k to win
Wednesday, February 8, 2023LOLMEast Bay,FLFloRacingWinter Nationals 7k to win
Thursday, February 9, 2023LOLMEast Bay,FLFloRacingWinter Nationals 10k to win
Friday, February 10, 2023LOLMEast Bay,FLFloRacingWinter Nationals 12k to win
Saturday, February 11, 2023LOLMEast Bay,FLFloRacingWinter Nationals 15k to win
Thursday, February 16, 2023WoOLMVolusia,FLDirtVisionDirtCar Nationals
Friday, February 17, 2023WoOLMVolusia,FLDirtVisionDirtCar Nationals 12k to win
Saturday, February 18, 2023WoOLMVolusia,FLDirtVisionDirtCar Nationals 20k to win
Monday, February 20, 2023XRSSAll-Tech,FLXRplus20k to win
Friday, March 3, 2023WoOLMSmoky Mountain,TNDirtVisionTennessee Tipoff
Saturday, March 4, 2023WoOLMSmoky Mountain,TNDirtVisionTennessee Tipoff 15k to win
Friday, March 17, 2023LOLMAtomic,OHFloRacingBuckeye Spring 50 12k to win
Saturday, March 18, 2023LOLMBrownstown,INFloRacingIndiana Icebreaker 15k to win
WoOLMBoyds,GADirtVision20k to win
Friday, March 24, 2023XRSSVolunteer,TNXRplus5k to win X 2
Saturday, March 25, 2023XRSSVolunteer,TNXRplus100k to win
Friday, March 31, 2023WoOLMFarmer City,ILDirtVisionIllini 100
Saturday, April 1, 2023WoOLMFarmer City,ILDirtVisionIllini 100 25k to win
Saturday, April 8, 2023Tazewell,TNLil Bill Corum Memorial 21k to win
Thursday, April 13, 2023XRSSOff Road,NEXRplus5k to win X 2
Friday, April 14, 2023XRSSOff Road,NEXRplus100k to win
Tuesday, April 18, 2023FloRNAEldora,OHFloRacing23k to win
Wednesday, April 19, 2023FloRNABrownstown,INFloRacing23k to win
Thursday, April 20, 2023WoOLM411,TNDirtVision
Friday, April 21, 2023LOLMTri-City,ILFloRacing12k to win
WoOLMTalladega,ALDirtVision4k to win (Split Features)
Saturday, April 22, 2023LOLMMacon,ILFloRacing15k to win
WoOLMTalladega,ALDirtVision50k to win
Friday, April 28, 2023LOLMGeorgetown,DEFloRacingMelvin L Joseph Memorial 18,049 to win
Saturday, April 29, 2023LOLMHagerstown,MDFloRacingConococheague 50 15k to win
Beckley,WVUSA 100 20k to win
Sunday, April 30, 2023LOLMPort Royal,PAFloRacingBattle in the Borough
Thursday, May 4, 2023WoOLMMississippi Thunder,WIDirtVisionDairyland Showdown
Friday, May 5, 2023LOLMPonderosa,KYFloRacingJohn Bradshaw Memorial 12k to win
WoOLMMississippi Thunder,WIDirtVisionDairyland Showdown
Saturday, May 6, 2023LOLMFlorence,KYFloRacingRalph Latham Memorial 15k to win
WoOLMMississippi Thunder,WIDirtVisionDairyland Showdown 50k to win
Monday, May 8, 2023XRSSKokomo,INXRplus20k to win
Wednesday, May 10, 2023FloRNASpoon River,ILFloRacingIL Speedweek 23k to win
Thursday, May 11, 2023FloRNALincoln,ILFloRacingIL Speedweek 23k to win
Friday, May 12, 2023LOLMFarmer City,ILFloRacingIL Speedweek Farmer City 74 25k to win
Saturday, May 13, 2023LOLMFairbury,ILFloRacingIL Speedweek FALS Spring Shootout 30k to win
Tuesday, May 16, 2023FloRNAMarshalltown,IAFloRacing23k to win
Wednesday, May 17, 2023FloRNADavenport,IAFloRacing23k to win
Friday, May 19, 2023LOLM300,IAFloRacing12k to win
WoOLMMarion Center,PADirtVisionConnor Bobik Memorial
Saturday, May 20, 2023LOLM34,IAFloRacing15k to win
WoOLMPort Royal,PADirtVision15k to win
Tuesday, May 23, 2023WoOLMStateline,NYDirtVision
Thursday, May 25, 2023LOLMLucas Oil,MOFloRacingCowboy Classic
Friday, May 26, 2023LOLMLucas Oil,MOFloRacingTribute to Don and Billie Gibson
Saturday, May 27, 2023LOLMLucas Oil,MOFloRacingShow-Me 100 50k to win
WoOLMSharon,OHDirtVision25k to win
Wednesday, May 31, 2023FloRNAFlorence,KYFloRacing23k to win
Friday, June 2, 2023LOLMWest Virginia,WVFloRacingHistoric 100
WoOLMTri-City,ILDirtVision12k to win
Saturday, June 3, 2023LOLMWest Virginia,WVFloRacingHistoric 100 50k to win
WoOLMPaducah,KYDirtVision15k to win
Thursday, June 8, 2023Eldora,OHFloRacingDirt Late Model Dream Twin 25s
Friday, June 9, 2023Eldora,OHFloRacingDirt Late Model Dream Twin 25s
Saturday, June 10, 2023Eldora,OHFloRacingDirt Late Model Dream 129k to win
Monday, June 12, 2023XRSSKokomo,INXRplus20k to win
Friday, June 16, 2023LOLMSmoky Mountain,TNFloRacingMountain Moonshinw Classic 5k to win x2
Saturday, June 17, 2023LOLMSmoky Mountain,TNFloRacingMountain Moonshinw Classic 50k to win
Thursday, June 22, 2023LOLMLernerville,PAFloRacingFirecracker 5k to win x2
Friday, June 23, 2023LOLMLernerville,PAFloRacingFirecracker 5k to win x2
WoOLM81,KSDirtVision4k to win (Split Features)
Saturday, June 24, 2023LOLMLernerville,PAFloRacingFirecracker 100 50k to win
WoOLM81,KSDirtVision30k to win
Sunday, June 25, 2023WoOLMOff Road,NEDirtVision
Tuesday, June 27, 2023WoOLMMason City,IADirtVision
Wednesday, June 28, 2023WoOLMRed River Valley,NDDirtVision
Friday, June 30, 2023LOLMMuskingum County,OHFloRacingFreedom 60 3k to win x3
WoOLMRiver Cities,NDDirtVision12k to win
Saturday, July 1, 2023LOLMMuskingum County,OHFloRacingFreedom 60 30k to win
WoOLMI-94,MNDirtVision15k to win
Thursday, July 6, 2023LOLMDeer Creek,MNFloRacingGopher 50
Friday, July 7, 2023LOLMDeer Creek,MNFloRacingGopher 50
Saturday, July 8, 2023LOLMDeer Creek,MNFloRacingGopher 50 50k to win
Monday, July 10, 2023XRSSTBA,TBAXRplus20k to win
Tuesday, July 11, 2023LOLMDavenport,IAFloRacing
Friday, July 14, 2023LOLMTri-City,ILFloRacing12k to win
WoOLMPonderosa,KYDirtVision15k to win
Saturday, July 15, 2023LOLMLucas Oil,MOFloRacingDiamond Nationals 15k to win
WoOLMBrownstown,INDirtVisionHoosier Dirt Classic 15k to win
Thursday, July 20, 2023LOLMHusets,SDFloRacingGo 50 12k to win
Friday, July 21, 2023LOLMHusets,SDFloRacingDollar Nationals Prelim
Saturday, July 22, 2023LOLMHusets,SDFloRacingDollar Nationals 53k to win
Friday, July 28, 2023WoOLMFairbury,ILDirtVisionPrairie Dirt Classic 5k to win (Split Features)
Saturday, July 29, 2023WoOLMFairbury,ILDirtVisionPrairie Dirt Classic 50k to win
Tuesday, August 1, 2023WoOLMBoone,IADirtVisionHawkeye 50 15k to win
Thursday, August 3, 2023WoOLMCedar Lake,WIDirtVisionUSA Nationals
Friday, August 4, 2023WoOLMCedar Lake,WIDirtVisionUSA Nationals
Saturday, August 5, 2023WoOLMCedar Lake,WIDirtVisionUSA Nationals 50k to win
Monday, August 7, 2023XRSSGondik Law,WIXRplus20k to win
Thursday, August 10, 2023LOLMFlorence,KYFloRacingNorth/South 100 5k to win x2
Friday, August 11, 2023LOLMFlorence,KYFloRacingNorth/South 100 5k to win x2
Saturday, August 12, 2023LOLMFlorence,KYFloRacingNorth/South 100 75k to win
Friday, August 18, 2023LOLMBatesville,ARFloRacingTopless 100 5k to win
Saturday, August 19, 2023LOLMBatesville,ARFloRacingTopless 100 50k to win
Thursday, August 24, 2023WoOLMDavenport,IADirtVisionQuad Cities 150
Friday, August 25, 2023LOLMPort Royal,PAFloRacingRumble by the River 5k to win x2
WoOLMDavenport,IADirtVisionQuad Cities 150
Saturday, August 26, 2023LOLMPort Royal,PAFloRacingRumble by the River 50k to win
WoOLMDavenport,IADirtVisionQuad Cities 150 30k to win
Saturday, September 2, 2023LOLMPortsmouth,OHFloRacingRiver Days Rumble 15k to win
Sunday, September 3, 2023LOLMTyler County,WVFloRacingHillbilly 100 30k to win
Thursday, September 7, 2023Eldora,OHFloRacingWorld 100 Twin 25s
Friday, September 8, 2023Eldora,OHFloRacingWorld 100 Twin 25s
Saturday, September 9, 2023Eldora,OHFloRacingWorld 100 56k to win
Tuesday, September 12, 2023FloRNAFairbury,ILFloRacingOne For The Road 23k to win
Thursday, September 14, 2023LOLMKnoxville,IAFloRacingKnoxville Late Model Nationals
Friday, September 15, 2023LOLMKnoxville,IAFloRacingKnoxville Late Model Nationals
Saturday, September 16, 2023LOLMKnoxville,IAFloRacingKnoxville Late Model Nationals 50k to win
Friday, September 22, 2023LOLMBrownstown,INFloRacingCJ Rayburn Memorial
Saturday, September 23, 2023LOLMBrownstown,INFloRacingJackson 100 30k to win
Wednesday, September 27, 2023FloRNATyler County,WVFloRacing23k to win
Friday, September 29, 2023LOLMRaceway 7,OHFloRacingGreat Lakes 50 12k to win
Saturday, September 30, 2023LOLMPittsburgh,PAFloRacingPittsburgher 30k to win
WoOLMAtomic,OHDirtVision15k to win
Friday, October 6, 2023WoOLM34,IADirtVision
Saturday, October 7, 2023WoOLMFairbury,ILDirtVisionFALS Frenzy 15k to win
Deep South,AL23k to win
Tuesday, October 10, 2023FloRNA411,TNFloRacing23k to win
Wednesday, October 11, 2023FloRNATri-County,NCFloRacingTarheel 53 23k to win
Friday, October 13, 2023WoOLMI-75,TNDirtVision
Saturday, October 14, 2023WoOLMSenoia,GADirtVisionBIlly Clanton Classic 15k to win
Friday, October 20, 2023LOLMEldora,OHFloRacingDirt Track World Championship Prelim
Saturday, October 21, 2023LOLMEldora,OHFloRacingDirt Track World Championship 100k to win
Friday, October 27, 2023East Alabama,ALNational 100
Saturday, October 28, 2023East Alabama,ALNational 100
Wednesday, November 1, 2023WoOLMCharlotte,NCDirtVisionWorld Finals Qualifying
Thursday, November 2, 2023WoOLMCharlotte,NCDirtVisionWorld Finals 15k to win
Friday, November 3, 2023WoOLMCharlotte,NCDirtVisionWorld Finals 15k to win
Saturday, November 4, 2023WoOLMCharlotte,NCDirtVisionWorld Finals 25k to win
Thursday, November 9, 2023XRSSLas Vegas,NVXRplus5k to win X 2
Friday, November 10, 2023FloRNASenoia,GAFloRacingPeach State Classic 20k to win
XRSSLas Vegas,NVXRplus5k to win X 2
Saturday, November 11, 2023FloRNASenoia,GAFloRacingPeach State Classic 54k to win
XRSSLas Vegas,NVXRplus100k to win