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Series Stats

The following data is compiled from all races run with this series.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow


As of 05/21/2019
Driver Count:52
Race Count:3
Average Car Count:29.7
Count of Drivers running every race:11
Count of Drivers running half of the races:26
Total Money paid out:$20,500

#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Justin Fifield316.722$1,550
2Kevin Ramey211.522$1,600
3Keith Martin11111$1,000
4Michelle Melton306.723$800
5Paul White30712$1,050
6Craig Oakes307.322$1,050
7Bryan Debrick30922$850
8Johnny Miller301701$550
9JD Fry301700$500
10Chase Parson3017.701$500
11Joshua Hanna301900$500
12Christian Moore3019.701$400
13Mike Merrell3021.300$400
14Michael Day205.512$800
15Jarrod Jennings20902$400
16Scott Evans2011.511$700
17Weston Gorham201311$600
18Kelly Lockey201301$400
19Chance McCrary201500$400
20Robert Vetter201600$400
21John Ricketts2019.500$400
22David Sherry2020.500$300
23Kevin Reed2024.500$200
24Gary Floyd2024.500$300
25Kyle Jones202600$300
26Todd Lovett2031.500$200
27Nathan Moore203200$200
28Martin Edwards10601$250
29Claud Estes III10701$200
30Isaiah Garcia10801$200
31Craig Carroll10801$200
32Quinton Benson10901$200
33Jerrod Jennings10901$200
34Jason Howell101100$200
35Justin Zimmerman101200$200
36Brett Becker101200$200
37Ty Hulsey101200$200
38David Jones101400$200
39Stephen Smith101400$200
40Tyson Hall101600$200
41Mark Klis101800$200
42Taylor Courtney101800$200
43Anthony Boatman101900$200
44Kade Taylor102100$100
45Chipper Wood102100$100
46Chris Clark102300$100
47Ryan Hall102700$100
48Jaden Brown102800$100
49Brad Wesp102900$100
50Dennis Smith103000$100
51Dustin Welch103200$100
52Jason Tyer103500$100