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Series Stats

The following data is compiled from all races run with this series.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow


As of 05/21/2019
Driver Count:38
Race Count:2
Average Car Count:27
Count of Drivers running every race:16
Count of Drivers running half of the races:38
Total Money paid out:$43,700

#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Dominic Scelzi2110.511$4,500
2Justin Sanders11111$5,000
3Shane Golobic20222$4,000
4DJ Netto204.522$2,100
5Bud Kaeding20612$1,750
6Ryan Bernal206.512$1,925
7Chase Johnson207.511$2,150
8Geoff Ensign207.502$1,550
9Nathan Rolfe2012.501$1,200
10Willie Croft201300$1,150
11Mitchell Faccinto2013.501$1,300
12Kyle Offill2013.501$1,400
13Kenny Allen201700$1,100
14Tim Estenson2017.500$1,100
15Sean Watts2017.500$1,175
16Stephen Ingraham2018.500$1,125
17Jenna Frazier2026.500$700
18Tim Kaeding10311$1,400
19Gio Scelzi10601$1,000
20Colby Copeland10801$650
21Scott Parker101001$700
22Blake Carrick101100$575
23Jace Vanderweerd101200$650
24Landon Hurst101400$600
25Gary Paulson101600$500
26Mark Barroso101600$600
27Jeremy Chisum101700$600
28Justyn Cox101800$500
29Sean Becker102100$500
30JJ Ringo102100$600
31Richard Brace Jr102200$500
32Cole Macedo102300$500
33Chelsea Blevins102500$100
34Matt DeMartini102600$100
35Pat Harvey Jr102700$100
36Mike Monahan102800$100
37Wyatt Brown102900$100
38Ron Laplant103000$100