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Late Model Win List - 2020

Note: Contains only World Of Oulaws, Lucas Oil, and other 15K+ to win races
Compiled by Bill Vanselow

Driver Count: 26, Race Count: 73
1Brandon Sheppard19
2Jimmy Owens11
3Brandon Overton8
4Tim McCreadie4
5Brian Shirley3
Cade Dillard3
Josh Richards3
8Jonathan Davenport2
Ricky Weiss2
Tyler Erb2
11Ashton Winger1
Bobby Pierce1
Chris Ferguson1
Chris Madden1
Darrell Lanigan1
Devin Moran1
Earl Pearson Jr1
Kyle Bronson1
Kyle Strickler1
Mason Zeigler1
Max Blair1
Mike Marlar1
Payton Looney1
Ricky Thornton1
Ross Bailes1
Zack Mitchell1