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2024 Midget Schedule

Note: Contains only sanctioned Midget races. Schedules are subject to change, this list might not be complete, or incorrect due to changes or cancellations. Pleace contact the track for verification.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow

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Friday, May 24, 2024XOMAtomic,OHDirtVisionPast Results
Saturday, May 25, 2024ARDCLincoln,PABob Leiby MemorialPast Results
RMMRAAirport,KSMidget RoundupPast Results
XOMAtomic,OHDirtVisionPast Results
Sunday, May 26, 2024RMMRAAirport,KSMidget RoundupPast Results
Thursday, May 30, 2024XOM,POWRiMDoe Run,MODirtVisionPast Results
Friday, May 31, 2024XOM,POWRiMColes County,ILDirtVisionPast Results
Saturday, June 1, 2024USACMWVentura,CAPast Results
XOMWayne County,ILDirtVisionPast Results
Sunday, June 2, 2024BMARAAngell Park,WIPast Results
Tuesday, June 4, 2024USACMCircle City,INFloRacingIndiana Midget WeekPast Results
Wednesday, June 5, 2024USACMLawrenceburg,INFloRacingIndiana Midget WeekPast Results
Thursday, June 6, 2024USACMLincoln Park,INFloRacingIndiana Midget WeekPast Results
Friday, June 7, 2024USACMBloomington,INFloRacingIndiana Midget WeekPast Results
MARALincoln,ILPast Results
Saturday, June 8, 2024USACMTri-State,INFloRacingIndiana Midget WeekPast Results
BMARA,MARASycamore,ILPast Results
Sunday, June 9, 2024USACMKokomo,INFloRacingIndiana Midget WeekPast Results
BMARAAngell Park,WIFloRacingPast Results
Thursday, June 13, 2024POWRiMColes County,ILS2FIllinois Speed WeekPast Results
Friday, June 14, 2024POWRiMJacksonville,ILS2FIllinois Speed WeekPast Results
Saturday, June 15, 2024POWRiMMacon,ILS2FIllinois Speed WeekPast Results
RMMRAI-76,COPast Results
USACMWSanta Maria,CAPast Results
Sunday, June 16, 2024POWRiMLincoln,ILS2FIllinois Speed WeekPast Results
Friday, June 21, 2024MARAJacksonville,ILPast Results
Saturday, June 22, 2024BMARAPlymouth,WIPast Results
POWRiMWPort City,OKS2FPast Results
Sunday, June 23, 2024BMARAAngell Park,WIFloRacingPast Results
Saturday, June 29, 2024BMARABeaver Dam,WIPast Results
Sunday, June 30, 2024BMARAAngell Park,WIPast Results
Wednesday, July 3, 2024RMMRADodge City,KSPast Results
Thursday, July 4, 2024RMMRARush County Fairgrounds,KSPast Results
Friday, July 5, 2024MARALincoln,ILPast Results
POWRiM,POWRiMWLake Ozark,MOS2FPast Results
Saturday, July 6, 2024POWRiM,POWRiMWLake Ozark,MOS2FPast Results
USACMW,BCRAPlacerville,CAPast Results
Tuesday, July 9, 2024USACMRed Dirt,OKFloRacingTuesday Night ThunderPast Results
Wednesday, July 10, 2024USACMMitchell County Fairgrounds,KSFloRacingChad McDaniel MemorialPast Results
Friday, July 12, 2024USACMJefferson County,NEFloRacingMidwest Midget ChampionshipPast Results
MARALincoln,ILPast Results
Saturday, July 13, 2024USACMJefferson County,NEFloRacingMidwest Midget Championship 10k to winPast Results
BMARAThunder Hill,WIPast Results
RMMRAEl Paso County,COPast Results
Sunday, July 14, 2024BMARAAngell Park,WIPast Results
Friday, July 19, 2024MARAChampaign County,ILPast Results
XOM,POWRiMSpoon River,ILDirtVisionPast Results
Saturday, July 20, 2024POWRiMWI-44 Riverside,OKS2FPast Results
RMMRAI-76,COPast Results
USACMWVentura,CAPast Results
XOM,POWRiMSpoon River,ILDirtVisionTom Knowles MemorialPast Results
Friday, July 26, 2024XOMArrowhead,OKDirtVisionPast Results
Saturday, July 27, 2024XOMTulsa,OKDirtVisionPast Results
Sunday, July 28, 2024BMARAAngell Park,WIPast Results
Friday, August 2, 2024RMMRAPhillips County,COPast Results
XOM,POWRiMFederated Auto Parts I-55,MODirtVisionPast Results
Saturday, August 3, 2024BMARA,MARASycamore,ILPast Results
RMMRALincoln County,NEPast Results
XOM,POWRiMFederated Auto Parts I-55,MODirtVisionPast Results
Wednesday, August 7, 2024XOMAction Track USA,PADirtVisionAppalachian Midget SpeedweekPast Results
Thursday, August 8, 2024XOMLindas,PADirtVisionAppalachian Midget SpeedweekPast Results
Friday, August 9, 2024MARAJacksonville,ILPast Results
XOMPath Valley,PADirtVisionAppalachian Midget SpeedweekPast Results
Saturday, August 10, 2024XOMLancos Clyde Martin,PADirtVisionAppalachian Midget SpeedweekPast Results
Sunday, August 11, 2024BMARAAngell Park,WIPast Results
Friday, August 16, 2024MARALincoln,ILPast Results
Saturday, August 17, 2024BMARA,MARASycamore,ILPast Results
RMMRAI-76,COPast Results
Sunday, August 18, 2024BMARAAngell Park,WIFloRacingPast Results
Friday, August 23, 2024MARALincoln,ILPast Results
Saturday, August 24, 2024BMARAWilmot,WIPast Results
USACMWSanta Maria,CAPast Results
Saturday, August 31, 2024BMARA,MARASycamore,ILPast Results
Sunday, September 1, 2024USACMAngell Park,WIFloRacingFiremans NationalsPast Results
BMARAAngell Park,WIFloRacingFiremans NationalsPast Results
Monday, September 2, 2024USACMAngell Park,WIFloRacingFiremans NationalsPast Results
BMARAAngell Park,WIFloRacingFiremans NationalsPast Results
Saturday, September 7, 2024POWRiMWI-44 Riverside,OKS2FPast Results
RMMRAI-76,COPast Results
USACMW,BCRAPlacerville,CAPast Results
Friday, September 13, 2024MARAJacksonville,ILCarolyn Schuh MemorialPast Results
XOM,POWRiMSouthern Illinois,ILDirtVisionPast Results
Saturday, September 14, 2024USACMWVentura,CAPast Results
XOM,POWRiMHighland,ILDirtVisionPast Results
Sunday, September 15, 2024XOMAdams County,ILDirtVisionPast Results
Thursday, September 19, 2024USACMGas City,INFloRacingJames Dean ClassicPast Results
Friday, September 20, 2024USACMEldora,OHFloRacingBeFour the Crowns ShowdownPast Results
Saturday, September 21, 2024USACMEldora,OHFloRacing4 Crown Nationals 15k to winPast Results
RMMRAI-76,COKen Clark MemorialPast Results
Thursday, September 26, 2024USACMIndianapolis,INFloRacingBC39 PrelimPast Results
Friday, September 27, 2024USACMIndianapolis,INFloRacingBC39 PrelimPast Results
Saturday, September 28, 2024USACMIndianapolis,INFloRacingBC39Past Results
BCRAAntioch,CASalute to Floyd BusbyPast Results
RMMRAEl Paso County,COPast Results
Friday, October 4, 2024XOMJacksonville,ILDirtVisionPast Results
Saturday, October 5, 2024USACMWKern County,CAGeorge Snider Classic - Championship NightPast Results
XOMJacksonville,ILDirtVisionPast Results
Thursday, October 24, 2024POWRiM,POWRiMWPort City,OKS2FDonnie Ray Crawford Sooner State 55Past Results
Friday, October 25, 2024POWRiM,POWRiMWI-44 Riverside,OKS2FCharlene Meents MemorialPast Results
Saturday, October 26, 2024POWRiM,POWRiMWI-44 Riverside,OKS2FCharlene Meents MemorialPast Results
Friday, November 15, 2024USACMPlacerville,CAFloRacingHangtown 100 PrelimPast Results
Saturday, November 16, 2024USACMPlacerville,CAFloRacingHangtown 100Past Results
Wednesday, November 20, 2024USACMThunderbowl,CAFloRacingPast Results
Friday, November 22, 2024USACMMerced,CAFloRacingPast Results
Saturday, November 23, 2024USACMMerced,CAFloRacingPast Results
Tuesday, November 26, 2024USACMBakersfield,CAFloRacingPast Results
Saturday, November 30, 2024USACMVentura,CAFloRacingTurkey Night Grand Prix 15k to winPast Results
Saturday, December 14, 2024POWRiMSouthern IL Center,ILS2FJunior Knepper 55Past Results