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Series Stats

The following data is compiled from all races run with this series.
Compiled by Bill Vanselow


As of 05/21/2019
Driver Count:21
Race Count:1
Average Car Count:21
Count of Drivers running every race:21
Count of Drivers running half of the races:21
Total Money paid out:$5,800

#DriverRacesWinsAvg FinishTop 5Top 10Money
1Steve Irwin11111$800
2Jay Steinbach10211$550
3Travis Lacombe10311$450
4Mike Moore10411$400
5Joe Irwin10511$350
6Ian Hunter10601$300
7Cody Howard10701$275
8Lucas Smith10801$250
9Mike Astrauskus10901$225
10Bill Hartman101001$200
11Max Franks101100$200
12Joel Hummel101200$200
13Mark Irwin101300$200
14Lexi Adgate101400$200
15Tom Davies101500$200
16Gary Hayward101600$200
17Chris VanDeWiele101700$200
18Christy Graham101800$200
19Ralph Brakenberry101900$200
20Gobby Darling102000$100
21Matt Kinzinger102100$100